Adopting the power of AI with Information Architecture. Listen to episode 3 of EM360 podcast featuring Anand Mahurkar, Founder & CEO.

Working with wide data to help companies answer their most pressing problems is a process, one that entails four steps — 1. Collection 2. Unification 3. Processing, and 4. Engagement.

In this episode, we break down these steps and understand how wide data is collected and unified to make a data lake, platform, or warehouse; how it is then processed using Machine Learning and natural language processing algorithms; and how the data is then presented for the consumption of the company before it is implemented.

Listen to the full conversation as Anand dives into the intricacies of wide data analysis and application for traditional and modern enterprises, decodes the step by step approach, including both software and hardware solutions, and gives important advice for all those looking for digital transformation in their businesses.