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Richard J Orlando

Board advisor

A veteran technology leader based out of Massachusetts, United States, Richard has experience spanning decades and has held numerous senior management positions like CEO, COO, CMO, President, EVP, and is now an Advisory Board Member at Findability Sciences. He is known in the industry for successfully implementing best practices for transitioning sales teams from selling product features to using Value Selling to differentiate their solutions from their competitors and the status quo when presenting to executive buyers. Richard has a practical understanding of the need to create collaboration between Sales & Marketing, to drive and monitor accountable metrics, and to keep a laser focus on primary key objectives in a financially accountable manner.

Richard’s expertise lies in driving revenue for early and mid-staged disruptive solution providers targeting B2B Enterprise companies. He is an expert in creatively utilizing the latest and most effective Digital Sales & Marketing solutions and tools to increase the number of qualified leads generated by marketing and to increase new account revenue wins by Sales Teams.

His proficiency encompasses Value Based Selling & Pricing, Business Process Outsourcing Services, Data Transfer Security Software, and B2B Enterprise Solutions for AI. The requirement of C-level executives to “create an environment for Sales & Marketing teams to be successfully achieving critical key objectives” calls for an exceptional understanding of the human side, teamwork, and cultural importance.  

Richard also comes with a strong background in Sales & Marketing targeting enterprise accounts combined with extensive operations capabilities up to $450 Million. Richard is well known in the industry for advising solutions for sellers to help achieve top-line revenue and 30% to +100% annual margins.  He’s also credited for growing new account logos from zero to 600+ accounts in three years and improving profitability. He comes with a proven track record of driving top-line revenue from new accounts for Cloud B2B SaaS companies by achieving high growth in new account sales, account retention, expansions, services, customer success, and increased gross margins.

His experience, management style, and drive make him well-suited for making tough decisions while complementing company culture to achieve turnaround success plus higher revenue growth for emerging B2B software companies under $50 million in sales. Richard has experience and understanding of the business cultures in Europe, India and China, which makes him a versatile leader. Additionally, he has a record of success in executive management roles in Fortune 1000 companies, public and private corporations.

Richard Orlando
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