At Findability Sciences, we are dedicated to cultivating Data Science Talent and fostering opportunities for students to be mentored by experienced Data Scientists. We’re on a mission to make students future-ready and have launched multiple projects to enrich their learning experience. Our initiatives provide practical training, exposure to new technology, and hands-on experience, laying the foundation for a brighter future.

AI in Education

Enhancing Data Processing Libraries with Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Findability Sciences is committed to fostering innovation, collaboration, and excellence in Data Science. Through partnerships with institutions such as Worcester Polytechnic Institute, we’re working on projects like the GQP project that aim to create libraries for data acquisition, analysis, and pre-processing on the Findability Platform®. These partnerships provide students with opportunities to work on international projects, live projects, and visit our development centers across the globe. Our focus on building talent and enhancing learning ensures that students are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the future.

Offering International Internships in AI & Data Science at Tokyo University

Findability Sciences and The University of Tokyo have joined hands to offer students an exceptional opportunity to become proficient in the field of AI & Data Science. As a part of this collaboration, we are proud to announce that eligible students from the University of Tokyo will have the opportunity to intern at our global AI innovation centers in 2023. We are working closely with universities to enhance the curriculum and make it more relevant to the industry’s current demands.

Comprehensive AI Training Programs in Aurangabad

Findability Sciences is proud to collaborate with various educational institutions, including GSM’s MIT Aurangabad and the Govt. College of Engineering Aurangabad, to empower students with practical experience in the field of AI and Data Science. Our comprehensive training programs, including industrial training, workshops, guest lectures, and job placements, are aimed at building talent while providing students with the right mentoring from leading data scientists to facilitate their growth as professionals and take their quest for excellence to new heights.

AI in Health

Fighting Covid 19 with the Haryana Government

In April 2020, we partnered with the Department of Higher Education, Haryana to develop an epidemic analytics dashboard that could facilitate healthcare resource management with the primary goal to forecast the expected number of COVID-19 cases and accordingly optimize the allocation of healthcare resources across the state

Work in the Operation Rooms

In collaboration with a leading provider of patient flow optimization solutions for hospitals and healthcare systems, we worked to improve operation room (OR) efficiency for one of the largest multi-specialty hospital chains in U.S. The manual scheduling of procedures across ORs often results in high waiting time for patients and uneven shift allocations for the hospital personnel. We aimed to predict the duration for which an OR/procedure room would be occupied for a pre-scheduled surgical procedure so as reduce patient waiting time, optimize shift allocation, and minimize OR downtime.

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