AI Products
Machine Learning

Exploratory Data Analysis

Save upwards of 75% on pre-modeling time and efforts with our no-code suite for statistical data analysis.

Execute correlation studies, time series analysis, statistical tests, and data visualization with a few clicks.

Numerous options for univariate, bi-variate and multi-variate analysis help expedite data pre-processing for accelerated development of machine learning projects.

Multi-Modeling Classification

Self-learning technology automates the model development and scoring process without any need for manual intervention.

Unique multi-modelling technology identifies multiple patterns within the dataset, automatically develops multiple models for each pattern, and applies the best model to each record, to provide higher overall accuracy.

Accurately predict propensities for customer churn, debt repayment, fraud, prospect conversion, etc.

Multi-Modeling Prediction & Forecasting

Predict and forecast leading business indicators such as product sales, revenues, quantities and prices with our multi-modelling predictions and time series forecasts.

Automated, no code prediction technology saves significant efforts on the AI model development and testing.

Develop low latency solutions, suitable for real-time or near real-time applications.