Findability Sciences has four key product offerings aimed at strategic, capability and financial returns on investments and digital transformation.


An Experienced Data & AI team that combines partner product offering from IBM, Snowflake, SAP, Automation Anywhere and Opensource technologies, to help organizations with laying the foundation for enterprise Data & AI Adoption. Learn how our certified and experienced team of engineers & architects are working to provide Data First Strategy, Data Modernization and Migration advice and solutions to our clients.


Our newest product, Findability.Inside, brings the power of AI to traditional automation solutions and delivers superior business value. With business processes becoming ever more automated and data-driven, enterprises can create an edge for themselves by adding AI to their existing products and business services. Findability.Inside seamlessly integrates Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision capabilities with the customers’ existing solutions, making them smarter and more efficient in price optimization, prediction and forecasting, segmentation and targeting, sales prospecting, customer service etc. The enhanced performance, delivered by AI, improves end-users’ benefits such as quicker turn-around times, in-depth insights and effective recommendations without having to adapt to a new user-interface or alter routine processes.



We collect, analyze and learn.
Connect structured, unstructured, internal and external data. Add context to searches using cognitive interpretation for a unified view of the information in an easy-to-access interface or via API connectivity. Analyse and interpret all types of data, including unstructured text. Provide personalized recommendations by understanding an individual’s Digital Body Language. Utilize machine learning to grow subject matter expertise in apps and systems. Create Chatbots that engage in dialogue and provide complex business solutions with total automation. Automate self-learning AI that produces predictions with unmatched accuracy. Learn from historical data to generate continuously updated results that accommodate ever-changing data. Build an unsupervised, fully autonomous multi-step modelling and prediction process that produces results faster.

Our flagship product provides a holistic AI solution, combining elements of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision.


Data Science Lab offering puts enterprises on a path of successful AI adoption. We do so by instilling AI fluency through coaching, assessing Data and AI maturity through Data Census, developing roadmap for robust Information Architecture and its implementation, AI use case identification, validation and implementation. Data Science Lab is a unique, holistic and first of its kind model of engagement which focusses on exploration, innovation, prototyping and implementation of AI solutions. Due attention is given to data science knowledge transfer and capability building among our client constituents through collaboration throughout the engagement.


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