AI Solutions
  • Add interactive lead-generation touchpoints to your digital properties and enable 24X7 customer support with intelligent virtual agents powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Findability Sciences chatbots can automate up to 30% of query management by handling FAQs and other routine questions. They also process basic service requests and provide multilingual support for better end-customer experiences.
  • Our chatbots are capable of true NLP and NLU (Natural Language Processing & Understanding), allowing them to deliver engaging conversation experiences.

Success Stories


Insurance Firm

Leads generated


every month since the deployment of the chatbot

Query management automated


of the client

customer interaction automated


every month


One of the fastest growing insurance firms in India with 121 offices across the country.

The company was losing business opportunities due to growing number of queries and delays in response times.


An interactive AI Solution was developed using proprietary cognitive technology from Findability

AI and IBM Watson Assistant APIs. An AI powered chatbot 'Alisha' runs on natural language processing (NLP) based on conversational AI system