AI Solutions
Demand Forecast
  • Our multi-algorithmic, time-series forecasting solutions provide granular forecasts of product demand, quantities, and revenues with an average accuracy of over 90%.
  • Multiple demand signals are identified as part of the Wide Data framework and analyzed to produce highly accurate forecasts for clients from manufacturing, supply chain, retail, healthcare, hospitality, and financial services.

Success Stories






One of North America’s leading provider of HVAC solutions wanted to optimise inventory planning and predict sales for 250+ geographically dispersed locations.

A vast product portfolio of over 1100 SKUs.

Stock-outs resulted in high warehousing and holding costs.


A custom forecasting solution was developed using machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

They were ensembled to obtain higher accuracy against the traditional time-series forecasting algorithms.


Japan’s leading transportation company

Forecast accuracy


Consistently maintained for both point-to-point and country wide predictions

Accurate daily prediction of the number of packages to be transported, has helped the client allocate fleet effectively to optimize vehicles and stores, thereby

Increasing customer satisfaction


Savings in expenses


Japan’s leading transportation company wanted to reduce significant costs on transportation fee with accurate demand forecast.

The client wanted to retain only those stores where viable future demand existed.


Using the multi-algorithm time-series forecasting capabilities of Findability.AI, the following indicators were forecasted:

  • 45-day forward forecast for the numbers of packages to be transported between 18 pairs of located.
  • The total count of packages to be transported across Japan.