AI Solutions
Employee Behavior Forecasting
  • Streamline human capital management and develop effective mentorship programs by identifying the key workplace and cognitive factors that influence employee performance.
  • Findability Sciences can process unstructured data from emails, social media, and employee feedback forms to identify personality traits and mapping them to churn risk.
  • Identify employees at the highest risk of churn and implement proactive retention measures.

Success Stories


Leading Semiconductors Supplier

Fine-tuning functionalities

based on qualitative feedback



Constant monitoring of application performance


Project management is key to meet business challenges with high efficiency.

A leading supplier of mixed signal semiconductors needed help to unify their resources and bridge the gaps between their departments.


Using Findability.AI as the core, we designed an integrated resource planning and forecasting application which was capable of the following:

  • Presenting the resource requirement and schedule based on history (without machine learning application/forecast)
  • Leveraging machine learning to forecast the resource requirement and the schedule (with historical project completion times)
  • Combining user inputs and machine learning to enable scenario planning