AI Solutions
Price Prediction
  • Recommend price points that maximise the likelihood of transaction win rates to optimise revenue without compromising profit margins.
  • Machine learning technology from Findability Sciences considers historical revenue, quantity and price points, deals win rates and forecast demand to recommend ideal price points.

Success Stories


Microelectronics Component Manufacturer

Scripts execution time reduced from

24 to 1.5 hrs

Accuracy up to


of win-rate models

Mean square error between

0.04 - 0.06

for capture-rate and price optimization


Leading microelectronics component manufacturer wanted to optimize SKU level price points for selling to trade.

Their price prediction algorithm had unresolved issues (bugs) resulting in long processing times.


We developed a middleware of custom SAP application connectors and SAP BAPI.

Enabled communication between the client's SAP systems and the Findability.AI layer.