AI Solutions
Risk Prediction
  • Our AI-powered multi-modeling prediction technology is highly effective for determining the likelihood of risk across industries.
  • From predicting the propensity of debtors to default, to identifying fraudulent claims in insurance, to predicting the likelihood of machinery malfunction in manufacturing, our AI technology delivers superior outcomes for risk prediction

Success Stories


International Airlines

Irreversible component failures
reduced by


Consistently maintained for both point-to-point an country wide predictions

Overall aircraft downtime reduced by


Minimizing the cost

of spare parts and supplies


An international airline operating in western pacific region and deploying a fleet of 250 aircrafts wanted to reduce costs by now flight engine failure in advance to convert unscheduled maintenance to planned maintenance.


A proprietary self-learning, multi-modeling, predictive AI technology from Findability. AI was used to analyze the sensor data from aircraft.

External variables like meteorological conditions and structural specifications for materials used in aircraft components were factored to create accurate prediction model.