Anand Mahurkar: Helping Businesses Realise Data Superpowers

Findability Sciences is an enterprise AI company that has earned numerous accolades and delivered valuable solutions to 50 customer projects in the last year alone. The company is proud to have been featured on the INC Magazine INC 5000 list for the second time, and to have won the US Government SBA Microenterprise of the Year award.

Findability Sciences expertise lies in developing products, solutions, and services that leverage machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. The company’s impressive portfolio includes forecasting sales for the largest global HVAC company at each of its branches, providing marketing attribution insights for a top 5 retailer, and predicting machine failures for airlines.

Each year, the company makes over 100 million predictions with an accuracy rate of over 90%. Its fastest predictions have a latency of fewer than 4 microseconds for a DSP. Findability Sciences is dedicated to providing innovative AI solutions that drive its client’s business success. The firm’s state-of-the-art horizontal technology platform has delivered exceptional value to Fortune 500 companies across 12 industries, including manufacturing, BFSI, and real estate.

The company prides itself on its ability to guide enterprises through the process of unifying disparate data sources and extracting actionable insights. Findability Sciences’ goal is to help its clients break down data silos and unlock the full potential of their information.

The company understands that every business is unique, and our team of experienced professionals works closely with each client to develop tailored solutions that address their specific challenges and goals. Findability Sciences is a commitment to excellence, coupled with its deep expertise in AI, sets it apart as a trusted partner for organizations seeking to harness the power of data-driven insights.

A Dedicated Leader with Humble Background

Anand Mahurkar is the Founder and CEO of Findability Sciences. His journey began in a small town in India where his parents were teachers. With a humble aspiration of securing a job, Anand pursued engineering in college. Finally, when he landed a job, it was a dream come true.

Throughout his career, Anand prioritized making an impact and thinking outside the box. After serving in managerial positions and completing an executive MBA, he became the President of a data warehousing company in the United States. It was here that Anand realized customers still faced an unsolved challenge despite consolidating enterprise data – the ability to find relevant information. This realization led to the inception of “Findability Sciences.”

As a first-generation immigrant entrepreneur from India, Anand was determined to build a company with strong financial fundamentals, ethics, and a self-driven culture. During the early days, he wore many hats and did whatever was necessary to help the company grow. This included tasks such as cleaning the office, brewing tea, driving sales, and managing deliveries. Over time, the effort paid off, and Findability Sciences is the only rapidly growing AI startup with 100% customer satisfaction, no debt, and an impeccable track record of profitability.

Today, Anand’s role is to identify and empower leaders to pursue their collective growth and dreams

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