A unique and extensive foundation for cognitive analytics and AI applications

Structured & Unstructured

Connect structured data from business applications with unstructured data from content repositories

Internal & External Data

Unify internal data from business applications and content repositories with external data gathered from the web, social media, and other sources

Cognitive Search

Add context to searches using cognitive interpretation of unified data that applies natural language processing (NLP)

Custom Access

A unified view of the information that’s important to you in an easy-to-access interface or via API connectivity

Unify and add value to data for your business using the Findability Platform:

Use CaseOutcome
Internet of Things (IoT)Compile data from sensors and devices that over time can be further cultivated to yield insights and predictive value
Data UnificationCombine structured and unstructured data to have a single in-depth view of an organization
Enable virtual agents, actionable insights from otherwise bland dataSupplement your data to extract full value by using APIs to source external data, whether structured or unstructured

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