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AI-Powered HFAS Enables Accurate Healthcare Resource Management and Forecasting

THE PROBLEM The client wanted daily forecast of hospitalization and clinical visits for 22 administrative districts in the state of Haryana for efficient management of resources. The client wanted to adopt modern, data-driven methods for streamlining healthcare delivery. THE SOLUTION An AI-powered Healthcare Forecasting and Analysis System (HFAS) was developed…

Pharmaceutical Lab Boosts Productivity with AI-Powered Drug Analysis

THE PROBLEM The client tested multiple batches of pharmaceuticals in their laboratory on daily basis. The laboratory personnel manually compared test results with the standardized ‘certificates of analysis’. The client wanted to automate the review of assay reports as the manual approach to quality assurance was time-consuming and resulted in…

Hospital Improves Operating Room Efficiency by 33% with AI Predictions

THE PROBLEM The manual scheduling procedures across the operating rooms (ORs) often result in high waiting time for patients and uneven shift allocations for the hospital staff. The client wanted to improve OR efficiency by predicting the duration for which the OR would be occupied for a pre-scheduled surgical procedure…

Global Software Company Boosts Retention Rates with AI Churn Predictions

THE PROBLEM A global multimedia and creativity software company wanted to determine retention propensity for retail consumers who had contacted their call center with intention to cancel subscription. THE SOLUTION Customer tenure and product subscription history was analyzed using a self-learning, multi-modeling prediction technology from Findability.AI The proprietary algorithm ingested…

Findability.AI’s AI technology reduces customer churn in telecom

THE PROBLEM In telecom industry, customer behavior is influenced by several external factors like new phone launch, festivals, time of the year etc. making it difficult to predict likelihood of retention. THE SOLUTION Findability.AI’s, proprietary self-learning, multi-modeling AI technology predicted customer churn based on CRM information, plan details, usage, and…

Telecom Carriers Boost Debt Recovery by 25% with AI-Powered Strategy

THE PROBLEM Due to increasing competition, it is necessary for telecom carriers to maximize dues recovery as well as expand their subscriber base. A balance between soft action like sending reminders and hard action like discontinuing the service is important for collection teams. The client, a third-party accounts receivable management…

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