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AI-powered strategy boosts overdue balance collection by 11%

THE PROBLEM Global accounts receivable management company wanted to optimize the collection of overdue balance from loyalty program members. Around 25000 customers accrue a cumulative debt between 40-45 million USD in overdue payments every year. The retailer’s receivables management partner wanted to adopt a data driven debtor contact strategy to…

Global debt collection agency increases dues collection yield by 25%

THE PROBLEM A global debt collections agency wanted to improve payout rate of overdue invoices for its stores in the US. The client wanted to improve upon the existing dues collection rate (24%) through a renewed debtor contact strategy. THE SOLUTION We proposed an operational strategy of ranking each invoice…

Revolutionary Chatbot Generates 200 Leads per Month for Insurance Firm

THE PROBLEM one of the fastest growing insurance firms in India with 121 offices across the country. The company was losing business opportunities due to growing number of queries and delays in response times. The company wanted to adopt AI technology for automating customer interactions and providing round the clock…

Predicting customer churn and customer satisfaction index

THE PROBLEM Canada’s leading provider of protection and wealth products/ services wanted to improve its customer engagement strategy. The company wanted to identify the customers at higher risk of attrition and predict overall customer satisfaction rating for key service parameters across three business units. THE SOLUTION A proprietary self-learning, multi-modeling…

Findability.AI’s predictive maintenance saves airline millions in downtime

THE PROBLEM An international airline operating in Western Pacific region and deploying a fleet of 250 aircrafts wanted to reduce costs by now flight engine failure in advance to convert unscheduled maintenance to planned maintenance Analysis of condition of in-service equipment allows the airline to schedule maintenance proactively. The client…

Japan’s leading transportation company saves millions with Findability.AI

THE PROBLEM Japan’s leading transportation company wanted to reduce significant costs on transportation fee with accurate demand forecast. The client wanted to retain only those stores where viable future demand existed. Customer’s existing method of demand forecast was manual, unable to yield consistent accuracy and had fluctuations due to external…

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