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Optimized Resource Planning and Forecasting with Findability.AI Integration

THE PROBLEM Project management is key to meet business challenges with high efficiency. A leading supplier of mixed signal semiconductors needed help to unify their resources and bridge the gaps between their departments. THE SOLUTION Using Findability.AI as the core, we designed an integrated resource planning and forecasting application which…

Price Optimization: AI-Powered Solution for Microelectronics Component Manufacturer

THE PROBLEM Leading microelectronics component manufacturer wanted to optimize SKU-level price points for selling to trade. Their price prediction algorithm had unresolved issues (bugs) resulting in long processing times. An efficient, AI powered system was needed to decide whether an upcoming quote should be accepted and the quality to be…

Straumann unlocks hidden operational efficiencies with Findability’s AI solutions.

THE PROBLEM Straumann was looking at building the implant market leadership and wanted to harness data with AI to revolutionize patient care, but was struggling with unstructured data overload. Building a data architecture powered by AI would create a prediction engine for optimal business outcomes. THE SOLUTION Findability built a…

Make way for ai-powered content recommendation

PROBLEM ENCOUNTERED One of India’s leading media conglomerates, owning some of the country’s largest digital publishing plat- forms for news, lifestyle, and entertainment content, wanted to improve their audience engagement across multiple online platforms. A positive audience experi- ence, in terms of people being able to discover and con- sume…

Uplifiting Overdue Collection in Retail Debt

PROBLEM ENCOUNTERED A global accounts receivable management company wanted to optimize the collection of overdue credit card balance for a Fortune 500 retail firm. Headquartered in US, the retail corporation is among the top 10 in the country and issues their own branded credit cards to the members of its…

Using AI for Demand forecasting & Inventory management

THE PROBLEM Every business looks to find new ways to increase earnings, reduce risks and improve production efficiency. And the first steps to this is managing inventory and forecasting demand. One of leading manufacturer of residential air conditioning in North America wanted to optimise inventory planning, sales quality forecast at…

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