Process and add context to unstructured data


Analyzes and interprets all types of data, including unstructured text


Provides personalized recommendations by understanding an individual’s Digital Body Language, giving insight into users’ personality, tone, and emotion


Utilizes machine learning to grow subject matter expertise in your apps and systems


Creates chatbots that engage in dialogue and provide complex business solutions with total automation

The Findability Platform provides three powerful solutions across industries:

People Analytics

Through the cognitive and analytical capabilities of the Findability Platform, Findability Sciences provides a deeper understanding of an individual’s personality characteristics, needs, and values, facilitating HR engagements

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Customer Persona

The Findability Platform uses its cognitive computing capabilities to provide organizations with insights into various customer personalities, making it possible for brand marketers to cater to the wants and needs of distinct groups of customers.

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Conversational Computing

The Findability Platform’s Natural Language Processing and IBM Watson’s Conversation API enable human-like interactions through virtual agents that automate business workflow.

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Create cognitive applications for your business using the Findability Platform:

Use CaseOutcome
Brand MarketingImprove relevance of messaging to buyers and proactively reduce attrition
DonationsPromote contributions to nonprofits and universities by identifying those who have the greatest affinity to your organization and therefore the greatest propensity to give
Risk – financialReduce exposure to fraud and credit risk, determine the sentiment of a company, inform mortgage underwriting
HealthcareAcquire insight on patient needs and motivators to administer and yield desired prescriptive and
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