Our solutions are as solid as our Team.

We are proud of our talented team of resourceful domain experts from very diverse backgrounds and skill sets. 
Our strong presence in US, Japan, India, UK and Canada showcases our values rooted in diversity and heterogeneity.


Anand Mahurkar

Founder and CEO

Padma Krishnamoorthy

Padma Krishnamoorthy

President - India Operations


Isao Matsugaya

Board Member & Head of AI division at SB Telecom America Corp.


Kavita Rao

Chief Marketing Officer


Sanjay Deshmukh

Head - Global Presales

Srini "Balaji" Krishnamoorthy

Srini "Balaji" Krishnamoorthy

Head - Findability.Labs

Finadability Team

Anurag Srivastava

Senior Vice President, Findability Sciences

Masato Nakabayashi

Masato Nakabayashi

CEO, Findability Sciences Japan


Sumit Agrawal

CTO, Findability Sciences Japan

Suresh Shakkarwar

Suresh Shakkarwar

Head - Technology, India