Unlock the data in your ERP systems and deliver faster ROI.

ERP-Max is an AI tool-kit for enterprises which connects data within ERPs and third-party sources to deliver actionable leading indicators such as forecasting, prediction, and propensity modeling.

Utilize all your enterprise resource data in the easiest, fastest and the most cost-effective way.

Turbocharge your enterprise with AI

Quote from our Founder & CEO

With an accuracy rate of over 95% forecasted predictions, our ERP-Max is a cost-effective game-changer for the global ERP market which is touted to be over $32Bn by the turn of next year. We believe that our solution will soon emerge to be indispensable to businesses that use ERP systems


Anand Mahurkar, Founder & CEO of Findability Sciences



of CIOs reported that AI & machine learning are a core part of their ERP.


of businesses believe ERP is one of the priority sectors for investments.


of CIOs say they are leveraging their ERP to engage customers in real time.


of CIOs reported that AI & machine learning are a core part of their ERP.


Streamlining effective data management for a top Air-conditioning manufacturer

Findability Sciences leveraged the sales & logistics data for the world’s top-ranked air conditioning manufacturer to forecast revenues & inventory with over 90% accuracy. The forecasts were created on-demand for 12 months, managing an inventory of thousands of SKU’s across each distribution center. It successfully allowed the manufacturing teams to save inventory costs, plan production, & discover sales opportunities.



Tapping into the right target audience for a leading electronic components company

Findability Sciences helped one of the world’s leading electronic components manufacturers to accurately forecast production quantities, required stock purchases and sales. In an uncertain market scenario, fueled in part by global chip shortage, Findability Sciences leveraged information & external data sources about supply chain, economy, and the client to help the firm meet its targets. 



ERP on the rise again!

The buzz phrase ‘enterprise resource planning,’(ERP), first appeared on PowerPoint slides in the 1990s, but soon after, the name fell off the enterprise landscape due to other topics of interest gaining more traction. Throughout the years, the ERP companies have been folding in the best improvements to build something that is modern, service-oriented and completely integrated with every company’s stack. As of today, ERP is back and it’s here to stay, equipped to face steep challenges that might plague traditional enterprises today.

Here are 8 concrete reasons why ERP is back and on the rise again, by Venturebeat.

F.A.Q’s – ERP Max by Findability Sciences

What is ERP Max by Findability Sciences?

ERP-Max is a new product by Findability Sciences. It is a cost-effective add-on AI micro-product for third-party ERP systems across the globe. It is a highly configurable and customizable AI toolkit, which allows enterprises to have access to actionable leading indicators such as forecasting, prediction, and propensity modelling. This exponentially unlocks data in their respective ERP systems and delivers faster RoI for businesses.

Why is an AI Micro Product required for my business?

In today’s age, the market is fast-moving. Businesses are trying every way to gain a competitive advantage in their industries. Businesses all across the globe utilize ERP software to increase organizational efficiency. What remains unknown to businesses is the potential of the ‘parked data’ in these ERP systems. Data is the new currency, and there is no doubt that there is a treasure chest of data in these ERP systems. The challenge lies in how to unlock this currency. Therefore, advanced
AI comes as an effective and modern technology to help businesses to do so effectively.

An AI Micro Product can be used to help in all the enterprise data processing areas. AI assists with the up-front heavy lifting needed in any system to get the right data created. It can also seamlessly develop, select, and deploy models to provide highly accurate predictions and forecasting. While there has been evolution in this space, infusion of AI micro-product will radically change the way business data and processes are managed. For example, the wait time for analysing tons of data and reports to generate critical business insights can be done in a fraction of the current processing time.

Does ERP Max replace my pre-existing ERP systems?

The simple answer is no. Our product - ERP Max is an add-on AI Micro Product for ERP systems. It connects to ERP systems through a middleware connector and extracts historic data to be used for Machine Learning to create models. This middleware also can connect to data either within the organizations (such as CRM or HR systems) or external data (such as news or social media).

What are the key benefits of ERP-Max?

There are many benefits of opting for ERP-Max by Findability Sciences. Some of them are -
● ERP-Max has an accuracy rate of over 95% forecasted predictions and is a cost-effective game-changer for the global ERP market.
● ERP-Max connects to ERP systems through a middleware connector which feeds into our leading proprietary enterprise AI flagship offering - Findability.AI. This seamlessly develops, selects, and deploys models to provide highly accurate predictions and forecasting. This means that there will be no disruption to your existing ERP systems or tech architecture and yet you will be able to gain valuable insights from the ‘parked data’ of your ERP systems
powered by AI technology
● Developed by Findability Sciences, ERP- Max provides actionable data related to all functional areas of your business like - supply chain, inventory, finance, and human resources.

What would be some real-life examples for deploying ERP Max?

Findability Sciences works with various manufacturing, pharma, and retail companies worldwide in helping them make use of the ERP data in AI/ML applications. ERP-Max helped one of the largest used car retailers in estimating residual prices of automotives with greater accuracy. By connecting to ERP data, Findability Sciences has provided 95%+ accuracy on sales forecasting for thousands of products to a largest air conditioner manufacturer.

Where will ERP-Max be available and where can I get a product demo?

The global ERP market is touted to be over $32Bn 1 by the turn of 2023. We believe that our solution is poised to disrupt the growing ERP market globally. Early June 2022, ERP-Max by Findability Sciences will be available in the US, Japan and India markets.

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