FCP Program

Findability Certified Professional (FCP) Program

Aimed at establishing an industry standard bench-mark for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science skills, the FCP program comprises of an online assessment of theoretical concepts, working knowledge of latest tools and algorithms and business problem solving abilities. The FCP Program is designed to meet every industry and individual’s AI needs with the best-of-the-breed AI and data sciences.

Partnership with autonomous institutions

Under our partnership with the Government College of Engineering Aurangabad, we aim at providing skill-based training, education, and job placements to the students to bridge the talent gap between academia and industry and produce workforce-ready graduates. This five-year collaboration will include the development of a comprehensive skill development programme offering real-time knowledge and practical programmes featuring tailored business training modules, allowing students to graduate with recognized tertiary qualifications and employable credentials. The skilling programme will also involve a bespoke and innovative curriculum focused on innovative technologies, workshops, conclaves, seminars, training programs, and guest lectures among other things for creating a skilled workforce in India.
With MIT Institute of Emerging Science and Technology, we will develop a skilling program that will entail industrial training, workshops, guest lectures, and job placements for the students of the institute. The collaboration will also include curriculum development, student and faculty training, R&D Services, project work, consulting work, skill development, outcome based training, and placement and related Services.

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