Findability Sciences Launches Findability Certified Professionals (FCP) Program For Data Scientists

FCP aims to accredit professionals skilled in Data Science and AI that the industry can rely on

MUMBAI, India – March 12, 2020 – A leading Data Science and AI company, Findability Sciences, announced today the launch of its Findability Certified Professionals (FCP) program aimed at creating an industry standard in professional certification for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science. Based on extensive industry research across multiple sectors and geographies, Findability Sciences has designed the skill framework essential to meet market requirements. FCP aims at laying down the standards and certifying candidates on the latest, industry relevant technical skills in AI and Data Science.

Under this program, interested professionals will undergo an online assessment to earn FCP credentials, and get industry recognition. Professionals will be evaluated and certified based on their knowledge of theoretical concepts, awareness about latest techniques and practical application to solve business problems.

While making this announcement, Piyush Ganar, company’s Assistant General Manager and in-charge of the FCP program said, “We are launching FCP program keeping in mind customer, partner and our own requirements of having best of the breed talent associated with data sciences and AI projects. There is so much of talent available in the market, but there is no industry standard to evaluate and recognize their skills and talent. FCP will empower candidates to get unique recognition and industry will have access to a pool of certified professional to recruit from.”

Earlier this year, Findability Sciences had announced its intention to get a hundred thousand citizen data scientists registered in India on the AI Talent Hub powered by its joint venture with New York based Qlytics LLC, which would create more job opportunities for them. FCP will be one of the criteria to get registered in the AI Talent Hub.

Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM famously said that in this cognitive era, what industry acutely needs are not blue or white-collar workers but new-collar workers. “FCP is aimed at certifying and providing a ready pool of these new-collar workers to fulfill the unmet demand of AI talent from the industry”, said Sanjay Deshmukh, Executive Vice President at Findability Sciences. “FCP was conceptualized few years ago, however we were ahead of the curve then. We believe now is the right time.”

FCP is launched for some select universities and computer engineering schools and will be available for industry at large during the second quarter of this year.

About Findability Sciences

Founded in 2010, Findability Sciences is an AI, Big Data, Cognitive Computing firm, headquartered in Woburn, MA, with subsidiaries in Canada, India and Japan. A portfolio company of SoftBank Corp, Japan, we are part of the IBM Watson Partner Ecosystem.

Shivangini Mukherjee