Findability Sciences Partners with Joyo Bank to Offer Strategic DX Human Resource Development Training Program

The tailor-made training program aims to increase productivity and employee efficiency

Japan, 2022 –

Findability Sciences, a global provider of enterprise AI solutions, today partnered with Joyo Bank, one of Japan’s leading banking and financial services to offer “DX Human Resource Development Training Program”. The program consists of partially customized content from an AI course developed jointly by Findability and SoftBank Corp for banking employees to learn practical skills in artificial intelligence (AI) and statistics.

Findability will support Joyo Bank’s human resource development by creating “DX human” as resources. This will provide new banking services using digital technology and add value to their customers.

Commenting on the partnership, Joyo Bank said, “The financial services in recent times has exploded significantly and to be able to serve our customers better, adequate human resource management have become imperative. We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with SoftBank and Findability in the development of tailor-made solutions for human resources and implement our first training program on DX human resources for our growing team.”

Masato Nakabayashi, President and CEO, Findability Sciences K.K. said, “Many companies lack digital human resources who are adept at understanding the business domain and are able to materialize and promote solutions to issues using digital technology. We are ecstatic that Joyo Bank chose to utilize our “DX Human Resource Development Training Program” – a classroom section where participants learn about technologies useful for DX and their application examples, and a workshop section where participants learn how to promote DX-related projects.”