Findability Sciences won the prestigious 2017 IMC Digital Technology Award by Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Findability Sciences won the prestigious 2017 IMC Digital Technology Award under the category of SMB IT products. The award was announced at the IMC Digital Technology Awards function hosted in Mumbai on June 14th, 2018. The IMC Awards recognized achievements across all areas of the IT industry. Winners of each award are selected by a panel of executives representing the wide variety of services present in the IT landscape. The awards are designed to celebrate innovation through technological solutions and applications that are transformative to business.

The Findability Platform® is Findability Sciences’ core product and is deployed across various verticals in global markets to solve critical business challenges. “It is a great honor to receive this award. As the abundance of data continues to accelerate, so does processing power and the advancement of artificial intelligence. Our cognitive and AI technologies leverage this convergence to deliver the improved insights that businesses demand. Today our solution helps businesses create custom leading indicators to predict outcomes with a degree of accuracy that has only recently become possible. This drives efficiencies by allowing executives to more effectively allocate financial and human capital.” said Anand Mahurkar, Founder and Chairman of Findability Sciences.

After receiving the award on behalf of Findability Sciences, Padma Krishnamoorthy, Managing Director of Findability Sciences’ India operations, said “We are thrilled to receive this award, which recognizes the entire Findability Sciences team, whose hard work, passion, and skills have improved business outcomes for many customers”. Sanjay Deshmukh, EVP, and Vivek Vij, AGM, were among the attendees at the function in Mumbai along with Akira Saito of SoftBank Telecom Europe.

About IMC Digital Technology Awards: The IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a distinguished organization that represents the interests of Indian trade, commerce, and industry. IMC Digital Technology Awards are presented annually to companies that exemplify the mission of the IMC through its contributions to the industry. To learn more, please visit