Indian tech firms will move away from metro cities, Findability Sciences CEO Anand Mahurkar asserts

Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi have become synonymous with being tech hubs in India. What if someone were to tell you the future of Indian tech is situated in second-tier cities? In a conversation with Findability SciencesFounder and CEO Anand Mahurkar spoke about the organization’s base in Aurangabad and the success of moving away from metropolitan cities. With its roots in Boston and India, Findability Sciences is an Enterprise AI company helping businesses realize the potential of data and become data superpowers. Analytics India Magazine spoke with Anand Mahurkar to know more about the company’s offerings and plans for India.

AIM: What problem does Findability Sciences solve?

Findability Sciences is an enterprise AI company. We have three technologies in our AI enterprise offerings; machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision. We help businesses answer ‘what will happen’ and ‘what to do’ in their businesses. Reports and analytics generally explain the past, but our AI tells businesses what will happen next. Findability sciences solves the digital transformation challenges for companies. 

When I founded Findability Sciences, I was looking for technology with the ability to find information, hence find-ability. As we continued to build this technology, it became the basis for any AI solution. To teach AI, we needed history and data. Our initial platform provided the ability to find information by connecting internal data to external data. Think of it as a Google-like interface for your internal organization. Later on, since we already had cracked the data problem, our next level of the stack was adding AI technologies and solutions.

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