Make Business Sustainability Your Competitive Advantage!

Anand Mahurkar, CEO and Founder, Findability Sciences

Anand is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Technology innovator and a seasoned professional who believes in accelerating transformation in traditional enterprises through the power of data, helping them become “data superpowers.” Originally from a small town in interior Maharashtra, Anand is a first-generation entrepreneur and immigrant to the U.S.A. He completed his under graduation in Mechanical Engineering and he holds a Master’s in Business Administration. His education provided a solid ground for a career of over 30 years of experience in leading global businesses.

Starting your own company in today’s time is easy. Identifying an idea, putting together a business plan, building a viable product, registering your company’s name, and within a few weeks you have your business up and running! As we emerge from the pandemic and adjust to new realities with remote and hybrid models of work, the idea of owning a traditional office space has also undergone transition. Hidden behind the glitz and glamour of start-ups and ‘modern-day entrepreneurship’, the lesser-known fact remains that building a sustainable, profitable business is challenging – for which unfortunately, there is no recipe for success. 

As I had embarked upon my journey as a solo techie-entrepreneur years back, my purpose was to infuse sustainability at the core of the business which simply meant to find the right balance between purpose and action. Today being recognised by the Indian Achievers Forum for my contribution to the ecosystem as an entrepreneur is a humbling experience. When I see increased adoption of advanced analytics and AI by traditional enterprises to solve real-life business problems, it underscores the market demand for our services and products while also lending longevity for the business. This time and again has proved to be the formula for a sustainable business which is capable of supporting itself, offering value and profit to its owners, stakeholders, and employees.  

With more emerging leaders developing deeper understanding about business sustainability, hereby, sharing some of the grounding principles for creating an economically and socially sound business to ensure incremental impact in the years to come.

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