Let's harness the power of data and drive digital transformation towards a better tomorrow.


Improve manufacturer’s ability for resilient supply chain and production with high-performing solutions for demand forecasting, product price recommendations, commodity price prediction, predictive maintenance of machines and forecasts of transportation requirements.

AI-powered, sales forecasting dashboard enables a leading industrial manufacturer-distributor in U.S. to optimize the inventory for over 1800 SKUs at 250+ locations to reduce incidences of overstocking and understocking at distribution centers.

Market-leading provider of premium semiconductor solutions uses Findability Sciences AI to automate resource planning with 45% greater accuracy.

Reputed MNC engaged in international trade and financing of commodities used predictive AI from Findability Sciences to predict the prices of aluminum on London Metal Exchange with 99% accuracy.


Financial Services

Financial Institutions rely on Findability Sciences’ AI to better manage risk exposures and to improve customer engagement.

A leading retail bank ranks default propensity in its home loans portfolio to identify top 10% likely defaulters and to take measures to mitigate potential delinquencies.

A leading life insurance company predicts the likelihood of insurance claims being fraudulent and to make decisions about carrying out expensive field investigations in 10% of most likely cases of potential fraud.

A leading life insurance company uses natural language powered conversational AI for lead generation, customer experience management, providing quotes and guiding prospects and customers in their insurance buying journey to improve conversions.

BPO services

Maximize workforce productivity and uplift business outcomes through AI powered propensity to pay and customer churn analytics.

A global BPO company improves healthcare overdue debt collection ratios by 25% with constant manpower by employing propensity to pay solution and strategizing its debt collection efforts with regard to propensity, age and amount of debt.

A leading Account Receivables Management company implements customer contact strategy powered by AI propensity to pay solution on credit card debt portfolio to increase its collections revenues by 20%.

Canada’s leading contact center company improves the collection of overdue telecom and utility debt by 25% through multi-channel debtor-contact strategy and analytics.


Online Retail

Optimize the performance of online commerce through dynamic AI systems that integrate and process, structured and unstructured data from multiple sources.

A leading used car marketplace employed AI based pricing algorithm to analyze vehicle inspection data to provide accurate pricing guidance in real time.

AI-powered, online room tariff recommendation system helps hospitality chains improve property revenues by 15 to 25%, by processing multiple demand signals and recommending room tariffs that optimize occupancy and overall revenue.

FMCG major uses AI-powered voice-bot from Findability Sciences to improve consumer engagement in rural areas. The voice-bot in brand ambassador’s voice supports Hindi and English and returns the dictionary meaning of any word in either language.


Automate and simplify the access to academic and administrative information through interactive virtual assistants and cognitive solutions.

Leading private university uses AI-powered chatbot from Findability Sciences to automate up to 5000 student queries (per month) in the areas of academic curriculum, admission process, program eligibility, etc.

Findability Sciences partners with Japanese Government’s digital agency to the perception of educators and students towards a technical training program.


Professional Services

Drive superior end-user experiences and generate customer advocacy through AI-powered enhancements and monitoring of business processes.

A mobile online advertising demand side platform (DSP) optimized cost per click by predicting winning price bids for mobile ad space.

Leading media conglomerate achieves nearly 50% increase in the click-through rates for ‘suggested content’ links by adopting AI-powered recommendations.

Fast-growing immigration consultant deployed conversational AI from Findability Sciences to extend 24 X 7 live chat facility to its customer base of over 2 million – automating more than 15000 conversations across website and social media and WhatsApp.

Telecom & Utilities

AI-powered solutions to improve customer satisfaction and maximize customer retention.

Leading energy company in Middle-East leverages natural language powered conversational AI to set up a 24X7 service where customers can retrieve energy bills, raise service requests and report outages and English and Arabic.

Japan-based, Fortune 100 telco adopts the AI-powered propensity prediction to predict with 88% accuracy the customers likely to upgrade smartphone plans.



Streamline the delivery of public welfare programs through AI-powered insights.

Government of the Indian State of Haryana forecasts Covid infection and recoveies cases with 95% accuracy to optimize healthcare planning and delivery during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Systems Integrators

Leverage cutting edge AI capabilities to deliver Big Data, Predictive and Cognitive services to enterprise clients.

Findability Sciences offers the industry-best talent, processes, and technology to enable migration of data and analytics applications from legacy systems to advanced, unified information architectures.

Leading technology and support services provider uses cognitive AI from Findability Sciences to generate personality insights for matching freelancer profiles with projects and assignments from end customers.

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