Why is Enterprise AI important for Manufacturing Sector? 

Suresh Shakkarwar, Head – Technology, India, Findability Sciences

While the promise of artificial intelligence transforming businesses is appreciated by leaderships all across, the way AI is looked at, thought about, adopted, and used decides its impact on the organization.

The enterprise AI is the implementation of AI, which is seen as a strategic initiative aligned with the business strategy and goals, implemented across the enterprise, incorporates the information architecture and the data strategy and is the integrated and holistic business initiative to acquire a leadership position in the market and gain competitive advantage by becoming a data superpower. Enterprise AI helps organizations to make data-driven decisions, improve business processes, transform the products, transform the business model resulting in growth in revenue, improvement in profitability, increased efficiency, reduced waste, increased resilience, reduced risks, and increased customer engagement.

Manufacturing organizations have the potential of implementing AI in various functions like manufacturing operations, supply chain, sales & marketing, service and support, product development, Human resources, etc. AI in manufacturing enterprises has various applications, to power up their AI-led digital transformation.

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